How does idreamt work?
how do i upload an artwork?
Do I need a separate account to both sell and purchase art pieces on idreamt?
Can I upload more than one artwork on the website?
what is the span of idreamt’s delivery services?
where does the money I spend on idreamt go?
i have placed my order, when will I receive my painting?
How do I register as customer?
how do I buy a painting on idreamt.com?
how can I place a bulk order?
how do I create an account as an artist on idreamt.com?
how do I upload a painting on idreamt?
does it cost anything to upload a painting on idreamt?
how are the prices of paintings decided on idreamt?
How do I know what to quote for my artwork? Is there any price bracket for different product categories that I need to adhere to?
Can I change the price and other details of my artwork after it is uploaded?
hi! I am part of an institution that would like to upload large quantities of paintings onto idreamt.com. how can I go about doing this?
The painting I ordered was sent to me in a damaged state. what should I do?
can I cancel an order I have placed on idreamt?
I no longer want the painting I ordered, is there a way to return it?
why does the price shown on my artwork on the website differ from the price I entered?
under what circumstances can I return an order?
how long does a painting stay unsold on the idreamt website before it’s taken down?
I uploaded my artwork two days ago but it hasn't been approved. What should I do?
Once I upload the artwork will it be collected by idreamt?
i have other queries that have not been cleared above.