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take a look at some of the most popular themes in the world of art. our favorite ones are art in technology, art in philosophy and nature.

handmade original art

we think that purchasing art should be a magnificent experience. to assist emerging artists and artwork in India, we are introducing this original handmade art market which includes artwork, handicrafts, and sculptures created.

painting categories

we bring you a plethora of artwork handmade by artists. explore and discover paintings and sketches that move you and will look magnificent on your walls

Digital & Masters Art categories

Digital & Masters Art

handicraft categories

add a statement handicraft piece to your homes. beyond their aesthetic appeal, handmade items have historical significance in India. this unique collection is an expression of the maker's art and ability.

products categories

sculpture & upcycle categories

sculptures have always been an integral part of our culture. explore the variety of forms given to the most natural and elemental materials by the visual artists to bring their subjects to life

upcycle : art from waste - creating a better world by recycling waste material into beautiful craftwork

how it works


artist onboarding

the artist registers and uploads the original artwork that they would like art lovers to own.


buyer ordering process

collectors (retail + corporate) can buy any number of artworks from this gallery


payment modes

use debit/credit card or UPI to make the payment. cod (cash on delivery) is not available.



after the purchase, idreamt will be responsible for pick-up, packaging and delivery.

sell your

are you ready to sell your artwork? we’ve put together this art gallery for emerging curators so that selling your creation isn’t as intimidating as you may think.

idreamt is committed to supporting artists to engage with our art gallery in a personal way. we will assist you to sell artwork, handicrafts, and sculptures with the freedom of quoting the price you want. you can upload 1 to several artworks for free. we will fashion an equally remarkable place for art collectors and lovers to buy your gorgeous pieces.


features and


idreamt reflects an inclusive, socially-driven, art-loving culture in everything they do. we have distinguished ourselves as a dynamic force aspiring artists in the field of the arts. our aim is to support the artists in every way possible.

  • hassle-free selling: you upload your artwork and we will take care of the rest
  • pick-up and delivery:we will handle the logistics for each order, artists don’t incur any costs.
  • margin-free:you quote what you feel you deserve. you get paid what you quote
  • buyer-specific requests: accessorizing of the product and packaging is idreamt’s responsibility
  • powerful marketing tools: we will facilitate promotional activities on relevant social media platforms

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